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Digitize your business processes and workflows and get rid of manual interventions for better
transparency, efficiency and most importantly, peace of mind.


We provide automation services to industries, office, schools

Fleet Management

24x7 live tracking, vehicle, personal tracker and moblie device

Ticketing Machine

Handheld ticketing machine Bus ticketing and parking and POS billing

About Us

Who we are?

AUTOHERTZ enables startup’s, emerging and matured organizations in delivering high quality product /services keeping a close eye on time to market and resource constraints. The team is equipped in delivering enterprise grade high throughput software systems designed for scale.

AUTOHERTZ also has developed its own center of excellence for product engineering and has created array of products and platforms around Business Automation, App Based Tracking, Fleet Management.

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What we offer

Our wide range of Automation Services cover


solution include both wired and wireless camera ready to use system with cloud storage

Fleet management

Our user-friendly mobile and web applications let the users manage their assets (Car, Bike, Truck, Bus, Employees,kidsValuables) from anywhere across the globe.


Provide custom software develoment, mobile apps and responsive website.

POS Billing

Cover total billing solution for any retail and wholesale business complete barcode solution.

Ticketing System

Our BASIC BUS TICKETING SOLUTION constitutes of a HANDHELD RUGGED PDA and BACK END WINDOWS PC SOFTWARE. Our HANDHELD PDA, PALMTEC AMPHIBIA comes with an in built LCD, keypad, printer and runs on rechargeable battery.


From integrating the right sensors and deriving inspired insights to choosing the best-fit platform, we provide comprehensive IoT services to our clients.

Why Choose Us

With great power comes great productivity.

Smart Solutions

Minimize the cost of operation provide great result

Certified Expert

We are ISO 9001 2008 certified


Great support provide to our client have dedicated team.

IoT is making the world smarter and better than ever before

From homes and industries to enterprises, Internet of Things have become commonplace in all walks of life. Connecting everything and everyone,