Revolutionize Your Attendance System with Our State-of-the-Art SMARTAG Attendance Solution!


Why Smartag?

Putting Child Safety #1st

SMARTAG attendance system help schools improve efficiency, accuracy, and communication, while also enhancing security and reducing costs.

Solution is of immense use and application to the educational institutes. The concept is based on Active RFID+GPS+GPRS+Software solution which is unique and is Future Efficient.

When a student enters a classroom or passes by an SMARTAG reader, the reader scans the SMARTAG and records the student’s attendance. This data is then automatically transferred to a centralized system that stores and processes the attendance records.

Thanks to the zoning features that restrict child not to go such areas of campus that send alerts to security.


SMARTAG Features

If you are just looking for attendance automation, go with SMARTAG and that not with the Gates but with Tap & Go. But if you really care about the child safety at school and in school buses, SAMATAG BUS TRACKING is the answer.


SMARTAG attendance system eliminates the need for manual attendance taking, which can be time-consuming and error-prone. With an RFID system, attendance is recorded automatically, saving time and reducing errors.

Increased accuracy

Upto 99% Highly accurate and reliable, ensuring that attendance records are always up-to-date and accurate.

Improved security

RFID systems can be programmed to only allow authorized individuals to access certain areas of the school. This can help improve security and prevent unauthorized access.

Improved communication

Schools can create red-zones and green-zones for each user role. Infringement of the rules shall provide timely alerts to the central control room for preventive action.


Students can easily and quickly check in and out of school or individual classrooms, making attendance tracking more efficient and accurate.

By automated attendance Teachers shall spend more time teaching, admin staff can work on more productive things instead of making data entry and parents shall be informed real time if the kid is in school or not.

SMARTAG Active RFID tags can transmit data over longer distances than passive RFID tags, which typically have a read range of only a few feet. This makes active RFID technology well-suited for tracking assets or people across larger areas or multiple rooms with 99% accuracy.

If you are just looking for attendance automation, go with SMARTAG